Communiqué understands the marketing challenges of B2B startups, early-stage, and lean businesses

Having worked with small businesses for over a decade and being a small business itself, Communiqué understands the branding and marketing challenges that SMBs routinely face. Let Communiqué be your go-to marketing resource for high-impact corporate and marketing messaging, outbound lead generation, collateral creation, public relations, web design, planning and execution, SEO, and more.

Communiqué is ideal for B2B businesses that...

  • Lack staffing resources to execute an effective marketing program
  • Struggle to communicate effective inbound and outbound marketing messages
  • Seek better integration of sales, marketing and branding activities

What We Achieve for our clients

Since 2004, we have delivered demonstrable results to our business-to-business clients. Here are some notable achievements:

  • Developed and supported sales tools and online portal for client’s distributed channel partners
  • Increased brand awareness through lead generation marketing campaigns via targeted media placements
  • Boosted clients’ revenue and sales volume through integrated marketing and focused media relations
  • Created compelling infographic with engaging design and targeted messaging, which improved and maintained client's organic SEO ranking (i.e. moved from below-the-fold, page three to above-the-fold, page one).
  • Demonstrated excellence in translating complex narrative concepts and into clear, logical visualizations