Web Design

We design and build custom and template-based websites, based on our clients' communication and functional needs. We utilize industry-standard web development platforms that include WordPress and Drupal for high-end custom sites. In addition, we offer template packages in Squarespace and Wix for clients that require economical, swift time-to-market alternatives. All of our recent website feature responsive design:  a development methodology used in the creation of dynamic web layouts that improve legibility and ease-of-navigation across a wide range of devices like mobile, tablets, and desktop.

Promotional Fliers

Communiqué designed a series of colorful fliers to promote The Colorado College Woman’s Educational Society (WES) southwest cultural tours. WES was founded in 1889 to provide tuition assistance to Colorado College women students for their achievement, academic, and personal promise.

Marketing Collateral

We create content and design a wide-range of marketing collateral for our clients, from corporate overviews to product sell sheets, multi-page capabilities brochures, and technical white papers. We offer both online PDF production as well as traditional print literature, depending on your specific audience needs.


Press Releases

Sales Resources

Sales tools and related resources are squarely in our wheelhouse of capabilities. The examples below are an excerpt from a Pocket Sales Support Guide, a handy field guide Communiqué created to educate the client’s internal and channel sales teams on the company, its products, its unique technology, industry markets and applications. 

Narrative Illustrations & Infographics

Communiqué excels in graphic visuals. Whether you need a simple diagram, quantitative graph or engaging visualization to represent complex data and information, we can bring your story to life. Infographics have been shown to enhance cognition through the use of compelling relational graphics that improve comprehension.

Logo Design

Building strong brand recognition starts with a commitment to build a solid, meaningful logo, an extensible color palette, and eye-catching typography. Communiqué honors the tradition of handcrafted, unique logo design, not crowdsourced or auto-generated designs. Communiqué works with promotional product vendors that can skillfully extend your brand to a wide variety of embroidered and screen printed products.