Our creative approach

The marketing adage “content is king” is more relevant today than ever before. Content marketing is all about telling stories that hit home with your customers. Marketing hype, inflated claims, and ungrounded ideas don’t win out over time. Customer-centric approaches are what drive brand loyalty and success in the marketplace. To that end, our philosophy is about leveraging content derived from real-world experience wherever possible. We use this principle when we create a corporate identity program, brand content, design a website, or write a press release.



Identity is an outward expression of the character of your company, product or service. It is often the first encounter we have with a company’s brand. Communiqué offers complete identity building: from logo design, color palette and typography development, tagline creation to the extension of identity elements through consistent usage across marketing literature, website, packaging, signage, and the like.


Branding & Messaging

We understand that brand is the embodiment of your company, product or service and should never be underestimated. It is the heart and soul of what you work so hard to achieve. It represents the personality of your business, products or service. We build your brand though customer-centric messages that clearly communicate the underlying value of your brand.


Public Relations

Public Relations is about effectively managing messages and information between your organization and the public. Communiqué has created clear, informative, and compelling messages through press kits and releases for its clients for over a decade. To extend your reach, Communiqué partners with agencies that specialize in media relations—the building of relationships with journalist and industry analyst communities.